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The art of video game secrets, and how Super Mario Odyssey failed this art   Leave a comment

OK, so first of all, I’ll use David Sirlin’s definition of video game secrets: A video game secret is a secret that is carefully and intelligently placed, and that is meant to be found. I’m -not- talking about easter eggs, by the way; those are a sub-category that this blog will not touch upon.

However, there is another aspect that he does not go into, and that is this: That a secret can be hidden in two ways: It can either be hard to find, or it can be hard to get, or both (though in my experience, it’s mostly one or the other). Read the rest of this entry »


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“You’ll survive Trump.” Really?   Leave a comment

Several of my friends (especially¬† my Norwegian friends) have expressed concern for me this election. And while I appreciate the concern and support, don’t be too alarmed on my behalf. I will most likely be pretty safe.

I mean sure, I’ll live with a government that will try their best to erode my rights as a worker, and my healthcare rights; because apparently these things are less important than making sure I have super-easy access to tools specifically designed and created to kill other human beings with.

Still, I’ll probably be fine. . I’m checking off practically all the right boxes for that. White, cis, hetero, male… I’ll probably survive Trump

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Mansun, or why I want you to listen to my favourite band   Leave a comment

Mansun. It’s a name that I always need to pronounce very specifically, otherwise people think I’m saying “Manson” and that I’m referring to Marilyn Manson. But behind this slightly annoying recipe for confusion lies my absolute favourite band throughout my entire life. And I’d like it if you checked them out too.

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Bad Medicine – internet style   Leave a comment

So a friend of mine said that he was addicted to the internet, but he felt this was a good thing. It allowed him to keep in touch with friends, to make new friends, to set up meeting old and new friends (he arranges cruises, so obviously he’s better at this than most), and so on.

So naturally, I had to write a song about this. And equally naturally, the melody would have to be “Bad Medicine”, because the internet is definitely about referring to the 80s. Read the rest of this entry »

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Two interesting blog posts…   Leave a comment

So, I haven’t adressed any direct skeptical issues in this blog, and I’ll come back later to the reasons for that. But there are a couple of blog posts I’ve read lately which I feel compelled to comment upon, at least a little bit. Read the rest of this entry »

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