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New Ducktales! Yay! (NB: Spoilers)   Leave a comment

So yeah, there is a new DuckTales. I was not planning to see it, because I never got into the old one, for reasons of personally and -very subjectively- finding it to be one of the weakest Duckburg universes. Keep in mind that as a Norwegian, I had regular access to not only Barks/Rosa, but also a lot of different European Donald comic artists with their own takes, so I was fairly “spoiled” on this account.

But this new DuckTales, is pretty much exactly what I wanted. Instead of just simply copying Barks’ plots like the old show often did, they now show how the Barks/Rosa universe is clearly a big inspiration, but still only that: An inspiration. And there are so many things to love about it. The spoilers are about to start (though they will be different types of spoilers than usual), so please, please, PLEASE check the two pilot episodes out on Youtube (Disney put them there themselves, so they should stay there forever) before coming back to my analysis.

You finished? OK, here we go:

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Posted 16/08/2017 by Emperor Norton II in Entertainment

Podcasting of Age, Episode 4: Dina, Atypical, A Plus!   4 comments


Oh yeah, I forgot to put up a link to our 4th episode, didn’t I? Well, here it is!

Posted 12/02/2017 by Emperor Norton II in Podcasting of Age

Podcasting of Age, Episode 5: Jason Chesterfield, the Jason Vorhees of Teachers   9 comments


Today’s episode is having a very special guest star: Cerberus’ kitty!

Also, we learn that Jason is just about the shittiest teacher aide ever in so many ways. Have a listen!

As always, lots of easy links to all the comics referenced.

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Podcasting of Age episode 3: Skate or Die.   2 comments


As always the new podcast episode is just on time! Mostly because we have no set schedule, therefore it will always be on time.

Anyway, this latest episode deals with the motherfucking goddess herself, Carla, and her ways of resistance as one of the most marginalized members of the DoA cast. Click and enjoy:

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Posted 12/12/2016 by Emperor Norton II in Podcasting of Age

New 3D platform video games   Leave a comment

It’s been pretty slim pickings for 3D platform lately, hasn’t it? I mean, it’s been like that for a while, but the last few years has been really bad.

But now apparently indie creators are finally making those games again. Such as the upcoming “A Hat in The Sky”. Marketed as “collect-a-thon” game, these new games aim to revive the 3D platform gaming of the 90s…

And my only thought, as someone who has been an avid platform gamer since the first Super Mario Bros for the NES is: Don’t. Please don’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted 23/11/2016 by Emperor Norton II in Entertainment

PoA Episode 2: Redemption for Joyce (and Hank)   3 comments


Yes, people, it is once again time for PODCASTING OF AGE, where my imperial self and Cerberus takes rambling to new heights! This time, we talk about redemption, mainly in the context of confronting your harmful religious belief. Naturally, Joyce is the centerpiece for this theme.

The podcast itself is found HERE:

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“You’ll survive Trump.” Really?   Leave a comment

Several of my friends (especially¬† my Norwegian friends) have expressed concern for me this election. And while I appreciate the concern and support, don’t be too alarmed on my behalf. I will most likely be pretty safe.

I mean sure, I’ll live with a government that will try their best to erode my rights as a worker, and my healthcare rights; because apparently these things are less important than making sure I have super-easy access to tools specifically designed and created to kill other human beings with.

Still, I’ll probably be fine. . I’m checking off practically all the right boxes for that. White, cis, hetero, male… I’ll probably survive Trump

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Posted 10/11/2016 by Emperor Norton II in Challenging myself