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Good day. My name is Emperor Joshua Norton II. I have declared myself emperor of the internet, in the same benevolent spirit that Joshua Norton once declared himself emperor of the USA (there are many places on the net where you can read about him. Also, Neil Gaiman once made a wonderful story about him in his Sandman comics). I am of the belief that the internet needs guidance, in order to fulfill its vast potentials for the good of all mankind.

And I am inclined to apply critical thinking where I think it’s appropriate.

And who am I? A complete clown, that’s who. An absolute nobody (in terms of being heard of). But see, there are people making clowns of themselves -and not knowing it-, so I already have one advantage. And what’s more, I crave being a clown. Being a clown reminds me not to take myself too damn seriously. Maintaining the joke about being an emperor of the internet keeps me from becoming too self-important.

I’m not a leader, I’m not important, I’m just a person with an opinion, and I don’t assume others will agree with it. But what I would like, is that more people would think of themselves as clowns.

I’m also a big procrastinator, so it’ll probably be a while in between each post.

If you wish to reach me, my handle is hawkone, and I use the most common provider of electronic postage there is. I’m sure you can figure it out from there.


Posted 22/11/2010 by Emperor Norton II

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