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Several of my friends (especially  my Norwegian friends) have expressed concern for me this election. And while I appreciate the concern and support, don’t be too alarmed on my behalf. I will most likely be pretty safe.

I mean sure, I’ll live with a government that will try their best to erode my rights as a worker, and my healthcare rights; because apparently these things are less important than making sure I have super-easy access to tools specifically designed and created to kill other human beings with.

Still, I’ll probably be fine. . I’m checking off practically all the right boxes for that. White, cis, hetero, male… I’ll probably survive Trump

BUT NOT EVERYBODY WILL! Any right-wingers or other shitheads saying “We survived Obama. You (liberals) will survive Trump.” are full of it. If you want to be worried, there are many people to be worried about:

Take the LBGQT community, for example. This group has the highest suicide rate by far in USA, and that’s in total numbers. Per capita, the numbers look even worse. This group is specifically targeted for abuse by the right-winger.

Many of them will not survive this. Many of them will not survive that the right-wingers will reinforce their attacks, and the renewed wave of bullying, abuse, etc. In fact, several of them are feeling suicidal right now.

And who can blame them? Who can fucking blame them for feeling that half the country voted for two men that is literally fine with wanting them to either be abused into heterosexuality, or die in the process (OK, so mostly Pence was actively OK with this, but Trump didn’t have a problem choosing him as a running VP). Imagine having struggled your entire adult life with having family like that… And now multiply that feeling with just about half the country.

That’s a mental sucker-punch of the 10th degree.

At this point, I should mention, somebody might say “you know that people also voted for Trump’s politics, right?”

To which I say: Trump offered no damn actual politics! Not a single thing that was not basically based on hate and fear and prejudice. Every single time the man was asked about something substantial, he’d make a fucking word salad so inconsistent and rambling. In all of his speeches, find me -one- concrete plan for anything that doesn’t involve doing something nasty to someone, preferably someone foreign. I’ll be waiting.

No, they fucking well voted for Trump’s hatred. And most of them know it.

POCs will also be less safe now. The police unions (AKA the official spokesmen that are defending “cops” shooting 12-year old kids and choking unlicensed cigarette sales to death) supported Trump, because he kept excusing the murders that were being done by people with a badge. Now that the president will have these murderers’ back, they’ll be even bolder with their attacks, knowing that the system will save them if they’re ever in trouble.

Women will be less safe too. A sexual assaulter and most likely a rapist… And most white men of the nation is perfectly fine with that. Sickeningly, disgustingly OK with that. The strides we’ve made towards making rape less OK is being unraveled in front of their eyes, and yes, Trump will get off scott free from all his crimes against women; because he was right in one thing: When you’re the star, you can do anything you want.

Pity he’s never realised there’s a difference between what you can do, and what you should do. AKA basic ethical behaviour.

But what’s even worse, while Trump might not particularly actually care himself, any supreme court judge he appoints will almost certainly be a man who has strong views against abortions, and the right-wing fundies will leap on the opportunity to make cases that will be ruled in their favour.

Plus, even if he doesn’t care that much, Trump will have no problem whatsoever just letting Planned Parenthood be defunded, as long as he doesn’t have to do much work himself. Which will of course only lead to one thing: More abortions. See, PP is without a doubt the biggest and most active solution for less abortions. Avoiding abortions is their main work!

So yeah, the biggest abortion preventor will be lost, and then desperate women will start seeking illegal solutions instead, as more and more hospitals will be taken over by religious organisations, which will then deny said women the healthcare they need. And then the illegal solutions will then be fairly likely to kill them. Not that the “pro-lifers” will give a shit about that, of course.

And speaking of healthcare, that’s also going to kill people. There are thousands and thousands of people out there who right now are alive mainly because of the ACA. Take away their right to insurance -nowhere near as good as a proper single-payer system- and they will once again be forced to spend their own money because the insurance companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions again. I’ve already read several such stories from genuinely scared people who are even themselves in danger of this, or a friend or family member is.

All because a bunch of selfish assholes who are guaranteed to have their health care needs taken care of, still thinks of insurance companies as a positive part of it, rather than the unnecessary parasite that it is; seeking only its own profit rather than being a good force for society. Bureaucracy the capitalistic way; not hesitating to screw you over if they can get away with it, because they serve only their CEOs and share holders; who obviously are much more in needs of all those billions of dollars rather than the hospitals themselves.

How anyone would want a system that kills human beings for not being rich enough -by design- is beyond my comprehension. But that’s what USA had, and that’s what we’ll probably get again soon.


These are the people you should be worried for, my friends. These are the people I have cried for today.

And tomorrow, when I have gathered my strength, these are the people that I need to start fighting for.


Posted 10/11/2016 by Emperor Norton II in Challenging myself

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