Podcasting of Age, Episode 1: Joe Means No   15 comments

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Click the following link for the first episode of Podcasting of Age, where the theme is “Joe and consent”: https://soundcloud.com/user-956738444/episode-1-joe-means-no

The rest of this post is an accompaniment to the first episode of Podcasting of Age. Its main purpouse is to provide links to all the strips referenced in the podcast.

5:55 Billingsworth (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/01-if-the-shoes-split/billingsworth/)

8:47 Sit Next, Chaps, Harness, Cussed (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/sitnext/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/chaps/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/harness/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/cussed/)

13:30 Casual Bang, Text (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/casualbang/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/text/)

17:33 The Plural, Frequency (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/01-if-the-shoes-split/theplural/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/06-yesterday-was-thursday/frequency/)

20:45 Exploit (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/01-if-the-shoes-split/exploits/

23:55 Twelvethirty (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/twelvethirty/)

26:23 Dan-it (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/03-answers-in-hennessy/dan-it/)

27:34 Prediction (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2010/comic/book-1/01-move-in-day/prediction/)

31:57 Sharp (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/03-the-butterflies-fly-away/sharp/)

34:10 Chaperone, Fifty (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/chaperone/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/fifty/)

36:25  Full, Touch (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/01-pajama-jeans/full/, http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/01-pajama-jeans/touch/)

38:25 (unnamed) Snarrghl (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/snarrghl/)

38:12 Sweet Lesbian Facts (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/sweetlesbianfacts/)

43:25 (unnamed) Teams (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-6/02-that-perfect-girl/teams/)

45:14 Penis (http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/penis/)


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15 responses to “Podcasting of Age, Episode 1: Joe Means No

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  1. Listened to this at work this morning. So good to actually Hear both of you! This was fun despite the grossness of the subject matter, definitely looking forward to more.

  2. Awesome. I like your dialoge, I like the back-and forth analysis and – of course – the deep love I already know from the comment section you have for this comic.

    • Since you ended the thing on the topic of showers, I kinda DO wish you had ended with “nakey-scrubs time!!!!”

      Oh well, I suppose I can’t demand spontanos Becky reference all the time.

      • One aspect of Joe I find interesting is that I see him as a bit of a class clown, similar to Walky, Becky and (to a certain extent) Mike. It’s especially true when we see him in Gender Studies where a lot of his lines can be summed up as “Everyone pay attention to meeeeeeee, boy, I sure have a penis today.”

        It doesn’t matter that he is completely one note and wasn’t very funny to begin with. The attention is the important thing. Also, he lacks Becky’s and Walky’s at least somewhat calibrated ability to rain in their antics when it stops being funny.

        But it’s also true that he actively currate his reputation, as you noted when he got defensive as Joyce talked to someone he never met over the phone.

        I like how you pointed out that he doesn’t really respect his own boundries either. As long as there is sex in the end, it’s all OK. That makes his insistence that Danny be more like him REALLY dangerous.

        All in all, great episode, great project and I really look forward to hear your next episode.

  3. Not rambly enough, guys. I needed another 6 or 7 hours of this to listen to while I worked on a thing. 😛

    Nah, it was great! I look forward to more of this in the future. ^_^

  4. Your crazy European datestamps anger and confuse me! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    Good podcast, tho. Very insightful and well thought-out

  5. Here’s a link to the excellent article mentioned by Cerberus, in case anyone else searches for it here first (as I did) instead of spending those 10 seconds googling it:

    Thank you both for everything you said. You articulated so well everything that makes me uncomfortable not just with Joe’s (fictional) behavior, but those who apologize for anything like it (particularly in real life) based on that narrow definition of “respecting consent.” It’s understandable you both needed showers after such a discussion, but I actually thought there were even more questions that could be considered. For instance, Joe’s upbringing and father seem relevant to me. Nothing excuses his actions, but if he was inculcated into them so strongly (and taking to them partly as a defense mechanism for other obvious issues) then does that mean he has any chance for redemption later? I’m pretty sure the answer is No, but there might be some good counter-arguments too. Joyce has certainly done some horrible things because of her background, and she’s on a clear arc to getting better. Joe may still become less dumb with some more age, though I don’t see a realistic way for him ever to be a great person.

    Anyway, thanks again for the podcast. I’m big on avoiding the news or any talk of national politics today. I mean, talking about an arrogant, egotistical, self-described “alpha” male with little regard for consent and who only cares about women (no matter how inappropriate the relationship) as conquests and numerically-rated appearances has absolutely no political relevance today, right?

    Ars Linguistica
    • Yes, we could have talked about those things, Ars. I think the main reason we did not cover all aspects is simply because we did not remember all of them. At least I did not. After about 45 minutes or so with non-stop talking, the steam simply started running out.

      Also, I’m thinking that “upbringing and breaking it” can quite possibly be a podcast theme all in itself. As can “redemption” (starring Joyce and Hank). Heck, the latter I can pretty much guarantee will happen at some point.

      • Ooh, Upbringing and Redemption sound like great topics, and I’m sure y’all have plenty more rich ideas to mine. I look forward to it!

        Ars Linguistica
  6. Speaking of things we did not discuss: Commenters romantically shipping Joyce and Joe.

    And for once in my life, I’ll be short: Currently, with Joe still being what he is, such a ‘ship is to me as repulsive as the Reylo ‘ship.

  7. Looks like the link is busted and it’s down on soundcloud. Everything okay?

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